Orange Winds


WGI Winds presents marching ensembles of any instrumentation in the same performance environment as indoor color guard and percussion ensembles. As one of the worlds largest and most influential marching arts organizations, WGI is bringing the same exciting competitive and educational opportunities to students in the winds section in support of the total band program.

Created in 2015 by Winter Guard International to give opportunities that were not available prior to its inception. There was indoor drumline and color guard but no winds!

WGI Winds runs from February through April and there are two circuits, MEPA (Mid East Performance Association) which is the state circuit and WGI as the national circuit. There are local and regional events that can be attended along with the World Championships each year in Dayton, Ohio held by WGI.

Audition Dates

For additional information please email Mr. Dunn at:

1. Friday November 30th audition materials made available

2. Friday December 7th 7pm-9pm winds marching/playing clinic

3. CHANGED Wednesday December 12th 6pm-9pm winds marching/playing auditions

Click below to download audition music


Orange Winds Group breakdown

12 Woodwinds

4 Flutes (possibly one Piccolo)
4 Clarinets (possibly one Bass Clarinet)
4 Saxophones (2 alto, 1 tenor, 1 bari)

24 Brass

8 Trumpets
4 Mellophones
4 Trombones (1 bass trombone)
4 Baritones
4 Tubas

16 Marching Percussion

4 Snare, 2 Quads
4 Basses, 4-6 Cymbals
2-5 Front Ensemble
1 bass guitar/ possibly drum set / synthesizer



Craig Dunn

Founder of Rhythm X

4 WGI World Championships
13 WGI top 3 medalist
Ensemble Director
Program Coordinator

Zach Zerkle

Kenton Ridge High School Graduate

OSU music ed graduate
Marched in tOSU Marching Band
Winds caption head

Dr. Ishbah Cox

Director of bands OOHS

Ensemble consultant

OOHS Marching Band vs Orange Winds

Marching Pioneers

High step / collegiate marching style
Learn 3 shows with 3-4 tunes
Shows approx. 7 min
Collegiate, non competitive
FEES $25 *not incl band camp

Orange Winds

Roll Step / Corps style
Learn and work on one production ALL SEASON, tweaking and polishing it
Shows are 4:30-5:00 presentation
Compete on an international Platform
Fees $200-300

Check out some WGI Performances